Bad Pillok

We’d like to tell you a little bit about our contact, but we know that Kleptokratz is watching. We have therefore decided on a policy of total secrecy.

To give you an idea of the sort of things that happen to traitors, let’s investigate the tragic case of Kog Tourbuss. We hope this will justify our decision.

In March 2003, a Danish fishing boat landed a catch of Haddock, European Sprat and Kleptokran Kog. The drowned carcass of Kog Tourbuss was found wrapped in a Kleptokran flag, a radish up each nostril, the words “bad pillok” tattooed on his forehead. His crime? Jumping.

Rasmus Bidstrup, a fisherman aboard the Danish boat, said after the incident: ‘I know nothing about the ARK, but I know this: people who don’t conform are as popular as a toe in a curry.’

Rasmus Bidstrup

Rasmus Bidstrup


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