The Curtain of Sick

curtain of sick

Other nations give blood, sweat and tears for their country. Kleptokran Kogs give their sick.

The rousing national anthem boasts of the ARK’s impenetrable borders ‘swimming with sick.’ This phrase is largely metaphorical. Largely. Our contact reveals that:

“A motion was moved in the 1970s to make an actual moat full of human sick all the way around the country, and to establish a unit of elite chundering soldiers to maintain it. There was passionate cogitation in the House of Kogs as to the practicalities of this ambitious plan. Some felt it was the final part of the Kleptokran jigsaw, a grand gesture and military statement of intent that would safeguard the future of the Antisocial Republik of Kleptokratz for generations to come. Some thought it was silly. Most of them chunked up before they got to their point. A decision could not be reached, and it fell to Habius to cast the deciding vote. Worn down by three hours of fierce debate, he whimpered and defecated into the Chairflower’s lap. The motion was never proposed again”


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