Team Sick – ARK Sporting Success

The ARK’s only international sporting exposure came at the 1984 Olympics. Although they have never taken part in the games, this year they did succeed in staging a remarkable piece of protest against the long jump, an event that falls in direct contravention to their strict no jumping beliefs.
All the buzz that year concerned a young American athlete by the name of Karl Lewis. Lewis was first up for Team USA in the long jump on day one of the track and field events.
However, as the crowd whooped their frenzied excitement, and Lewis flew through the air after launching himself on a trademark monster leap, he was surprised to find himself plunging not into sand, but several litres of sick.
Amid confusing and revolting scenes the Olympic broadcaster quickly went to an emergency episode of Babar the Elephant. The long jump was delayed until the next day with an official explanation of “technical difficulties”. Footage has since been destroyed. The photograph below, a screenshot from ARKTV, is the only remaining evidence.
The reason for the disruption became clear when the Kleptokran Olympic Vomiting Team, (‘Team Sick‘) were paraded on ARKTV two days later. They had returned to the country as national sporting heroes.
To this day Karl Lewis refuses to speak about the incident.
Karl Lewis Plunges Into Vomit in 1984

Karl Lewis Plunges Into Vomit in 1984


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