The New Doctor Who

Some Western TV shows are reaching Kleptokran audiences, as this new footage from ARKTV demonstrates.

Our contact sent us this clip yesterday with the following note: “Doctor Who is massive in the ARK, but it’s a very different show to the one that the rest of the world is used to. For a start, in our version the Doctor is played by the Resplendent Chairflower. They achieve this by cutting footage of monsters and aliens from the original show with seemingly random pieces of archive film of the Chairflower, rambling on and drinking heavily as usual. The whole thing ends up making very little sense and is essentially a series of random events not connected by any sort of cohesive narrative whatsoever, so in that sense it is pretty similar to the original. People don’t seem to mind being patronised with plots that don’t bear any scrutiny because the theme tune is a corker and the Tardis is smart.”


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